Amari Cooper isn’t sweating Cowboys contract talk

Amari Cooper and the Dallas Cowboys have not made public headway in their own contract negotiations, and no light could be shed by the star receiver on if progress has been made.
“I haven’t talked to [my representatives ] in a moment,” Cooper explained, through the team’s official website. “I truly don’t like speaking about the contract. I feel like it’s one of those things that will naturally occur.”
Cooper, coming a dynamic end of the 2018 campaign from to Dallas following the trade, is more worried about studying the crime of Kellen Moore than when he will put his John Hancock on a contract.
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“Yeah, I only manage my business,” Cooper stated. “I am more worried about camp”
Cooper has reason to worry. The 24-year-old is place to make $13.924 million on the fifth year of his rookie contract. In case a deal is not struck, which would amount to a one-year pay raise for Cooper the Cowboys — who gave up a first-round pick to acquire his services — would then employ the franchise tag in 2020.
For Cooper, who snagged 53 moves for 725 yards and six touchdowns the focus is about building his rapport with Dak Prescott. Throughout minicamp, Moore has moved the energetic receiver around more than he was used this past year, with Cooper moving in movement and seeing time at the slot.
“I love it. I even loved the offense this past year,” Cooper stated. “With Kellen, I still love it. I believe that it gives an opportunity to exhibit my skill-set with the type to me. He is obviously a good coach. He is a young guy and we can relate to him a great deal and come up to him and talk about certain things.”
All signs are Cooper. When he isn’t locked by the Cowboys down long-term ahead — if these predictions prove true, he’d get paid handsomely.

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