Boxing Betting Guide, Strategy and Tips

How to Gamble on Boxing

Placing wagers on fights can vary from very simple bets on who will win outright to more complex propositional bets involving rounds, methods of success and fight-specific outcomes. Boxing wagers have been put on a moneyline. A moneyline is a number set by bookmakers which decides winnings based on a $100 bet. The negative amount indicates which fighter is favoured to win the struggle and is the dollar amount one must bet to win $100. The positive number indicates the bookmaker believes the underdog and is the dollar amount one wins when putting a $100 wager.

More About Boxing Moneylines

There are two distinct moneylines in boxing, and comprehending the distinction between the two is significant prior to placing a bet with high boxing betting sites. The moneyline is a 2-way moneyline. In a 2-way moneyline, a wager is placed on each fighter winning the struggle and if the bout ends in a draw, the bet is cancelled and the wager is returned as a push. Take the following as an example of a 2-way moneyline:

Floyd Mayweather – 400
Conor McGregor +300
Mayweather is the betting favourite, so a $400 dollar wager on Mayweather yields $100 if Mayweather wins. McGregor is the underdog, therefore a $100 wager on McGregor takes $300 if McGregor wins. If the bout ends in a draw, the bout is declared a push and a bet on either fighter is returned. However, a moneyline includes chances on the draw. Take the following as an example of a 3-way moneyline.

Mayweather – 400
McGregor +300
Draw +1200
A 3-way moneyline overlooks the exact same for either fighter on a winning bet, but since the draw is listed as a betting option, only wagers placed on the draw will reunite winnings. So if Mayweather and McGregor fought to a draw, wagers placed on either fighter to win are lost along with a $100 wager placed on a draw wins $1200.

Bout Betting (Outright Win Market)
The simplest bet in all of boxing is putting a wager on the bout marketplace. This is also known as the outright win marketplace. A bet placed in this industry simply involves deciding which fighter will win the battle. Regardless of what method of victory, whether a knockout or decision, naming the fighter who wins the bout from the win market wins the bet. A winning wager’s payout is based on the moneyline set by by the bookmaker at time of bet. Other kinds of wagers in boxing are proposal based. The most typical types of prop bets in boxing are about rounds, methods of victory and whether the fight goes the distance.

Round Market
Round market stakes include naming the fighter that will win the struggle as well what around the fight will end. This permits wagers placed on 2-way moneyline favourites the chance to return massive dividends so long as the person placing the wager is able to pinpoint when the fight will end just. For example, a straight bet on Mayweather at – 400 is paltry in comparison to some round-specific wager on Mayweather winning especially in around 10 at + 2200.

O/U Total Rounds Market
Betting on the over/under total rounds marketplace is placing a wager on whether the struggle goes past a certain number of rounds. The over/under market is defined by bookmakers and offers moneylines for both sides of this equation. Using Mayweather/McGregor as an example again:

OVER 4.5 -270
UNDER 4.5 +185
Betting on the O/U marketplace doesn’t depend on naming the winner of this struggle, just how long the battle will survive.

Rounds Group Market
The rounds group market provides similar plays into the O/U market, but wagers have been placed on types of rounds. Common rounds classes comprise rounds 1-4, rounds 4-8 and rounds 9-12. Other frequent round groups include even vs. odd round amounts.

Method of Victory Market
The method of success market is performed by picking out the fighter that will win the fight in addition to the method of success. This marketplace resembles the round market except instead of pinpointing the particular round one wagers about the specific method. Methods could be grouped together (e.g. Mayweather by KO, TKO, or DQ -135) or more specific (Mayweather by KO +1600, Mayweather by TKO +240, Mayweather by DQ +800) dependent on the bookmaker’s preference.

Fight the Distance Market
In boxing’s fight to go the distance market, wagers are placed on whether the fight will last the entire number of scheduled rounds. By way of example, if Mayweather-McGregor was scheduled for 12 rounds ended anytime prior to the decision of the twelfth round for any reason, the struggle did not go the distance.

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