Davies Jr vs Ritson: Scott Fitzgerald stages late assault to seal British title win over Ted Cheeseman

Scott Fitzgerald became the new British super-welterweight champion after staging a late assault to seal some points win Ted Cheeseman at Newcastle.
The unbeaten 27-year-old has been forced to dig deep after being defeated by the back-foot boxing of Cheeseman, but Fitzgerald hauled him into a punishing battle to earn a unanimous decision with scores of 115-113 and 116-113, 116-113.
As Cheeseman circled the ring, answering with a couple left hands of his own, taking the middle of the ring Fitzgerald pushed rigid jabs from the opening bell.
Cheeseman displayed lateral movement that was clever, landing on a crisp combination and also also the south Londoner enjoyed success from the third with his jab.
The Preston man responded with exact punches from within the fifth, although fitzgerald struggled to pin Cheeseman, who picked him off in the fourth.
Back arrived Cheeseman at the first time, sending a jolting uppercut through his opponents shield, and the frustrated Fitzgerald needed to withstand a right hand.
Into the eighth, the eye was caught by another uppercut from Cheeseman, but Fitzgerald forged as both stood and exchanged in the ninth.
Fitzgerald drew the Bermondsey fighter into a late struggle, bloodying his nose at the 10th, and Cheeseman was on the front end of spiteful body shots in the two rounds.

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