England bowled poorly at Old Trafford albeit in difficult conditions, says Nasser Hussain

Nasser Hussain says the hard conditions shouldn’t conceal the simple fact that England’s bowlers had a poor day in Old Trafford.
Let’s be fair, England were bad today. However, I think you have to place it in a bit of context, it’s been a very, very difficult day for bowling. Any bowler who has performed such windy conditions, it was freezing cold will tell you have tough it’s to get into any kind of rhythm.
Following a long summer, a day just like that was tough work and in addition, it looks somewhat flat. The pitch is still an absolute belter and after what occurred at Headingley, what will look a little bit flat. You’ve gone from 1 extreme to the next.
Also, just the body language to get a cold day just like this – and it had been chilly chilly out there – players do wander around with their hands in their pockets so that it looks a bit flat, because you’ve got handwarmers on your pockets.
You need to give it a little context but doesn’t eliminate the fact that I thought they were bad.
I thought it was incorrect that Jofra Archer only bowled seven chunks at Steve Smith until the lunch break, although a fantastic spell bowled.
This was and Joe Root had just 2 options: to keep Archer going after he had already bowled five overs and jar him for a bout, eight or nine overs, and go at him, after Smith was previously in. Or take off him and then put him before lunch, you have given him a rest so you can ask him to steam in for three or even four overs of hostility.
We got that and neither enabled Smith to listen once he settles he is a rock to 24, and we all know.
He hasn’t looked bothered but has there actually been a period of hostility at him? Has anyone gone across the wicket at him? Has anyone actually targeted him? Just a little bit but not actually, and it is a pitch to play with the short ball on.
Smith explained himself on vacation this morning that he was looking forward to batting on it since it goes through, it’s a tiny bit like a pitch. It is not quick but you can trust the bounce so when it does go in brief, you can escape the way.
Some of these pitches within this show are two-paced and you also do not know whether to duck or influence. I believe they have shifted their technique slightly as well, Smith and Marnus Labuschagne were swaying to attempt to prevent Archer’s bouncers but since he nips the ball at the ball was after them so what they’ve done now is phased out of their way, offside of it and also allow the ball move.
Personally, I want to have a bit more of an explanation on Chris Woakes and he was left out. He’s a good cricketer and England may know something about his fitness, he is going into the’zone’ or his knee however, for me personally, a totally fit Woakes would maintain my side. That’s nothing from Craig Overton, he’s a good cricketer and he’s done now.
The chunk to get Labuschagne was an absolute beauty, a great deal is not in the pitch and what I have said about the conditions throughout the day applies to Overton since it does to everybody else and Archer – it hasn’t been an easy moment.
I was surprised that they did not have the bails in Old Trafford. I couldn’t believe that, particularly up here and together using the forecast being exactly what it was.
I’ve played in many a game where they have known for the heavy bails and the other evening I was watching my child play in the Essex league in which they just took the bails off, just as they did today, so I’ve seen it at club cricket but not in cricket earlier!
For a little while, states were dreadful; it was cold, crisp packets wind, the bails fell off all of the time, and at one stage a beach ball was blowing round the ground.
This was a very, very challenging day since you’ve got to be a real cricket lover and a soul to do that, and fair play into the spectators who sat through it and watched all of that.
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