Jeff Reinebold’s NFL Week 3 Tips

Week three of the National Football League season kicked off going at it, and I have a fantastic choices up my sleeve for the games of this week.
First of all, I expect that the Dolphins to be pounded by that the Cowboys.?? I’m on the lookout for the Bills to overcome the Bengals, I believe that the Lions along with the Eagles will be low scoring match — I like the below in that one.
The Broncos vs Packers matchup is an interesting one, they head to Lambeau??Field and it is unbelievably tough to overcome the Packers.
Kansas City is just another place to play and this weekend they have a barnburner with the Ravens, that will be a rough game that is super.
As you look to some of the games this week, the Falcons and Colts game seems interesting I believe as soon.
To be honest, I believe that the Colts are a great deal better than people are currently imagining this early in this summer, even without Andrew Luck.
The Raiders and Vikings is just another interesting tie and that I like the Vikings to prevail in the experience.
Together with the Cowboys match, the Patriots and Jets look like a mismatch. The Jets are bad and the Pats are exceptional — that’ll be a rollover.
The Giants vs the Bucs is definitely going to be an interesting game with Daniel Jones becoming his inaugural start from the NFL and that I believe Todd Bowles will have a excellent game plan . I like Tampa in which one.
I am staying game with all the doubt surrounding Cam Newton, he has a foot and might not even play.
Steelers vs the 49ers is really a toss-up with their young QB playing the injured Big Ben and that I enjoy the 49ers to stand up a W in San Francisco.
I believe that the Rams vs Browns game is going to be magnificent, the Browns revealed this weekend to a great deal of promise. However the Rams know how to win and the Browns continue learning that particular skill.

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