Manchester United to improve fan safety following death of supporter

Manchester United say they have taken steps to boost fan safety following the death of a supporter in Old Trafford.
Richard John Whale, 80, died from head injuries sustained after falling down a flight of steps.
The reason for death was ruled as casual at an inquest in November 2018 however, the coroner said that the placement of 2 stewards was a element.
Both sides of the stairs was stood, blocking access to the handrails and also effectively limiting the leaving. There was also alack of awareness by the stewards of their environment, based on aReport to Prevent Future Deaths composed by the coroner, Alison Mutch.
The report, sent to United along with the local authority, recommended changes in the stadium due toa hazard prospective deaths will occur unless action is taken.
The report demonstrated that United accepted the stewardswere not complying with the code of behavior but additionally, it stated,there was no proof of frequent reports of stewards and their compliance with the code of conduct.
United state they have acted upon the fields of concern regarding safety.
A club spokesperson said:Everybody at Manchester United was deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Whale and the club continues to extend its sincere condolences to his family.
The health and safety of all fans and visitors in Old Trafford is of extreme importance to Manchester United and we all go to great lengths to ensure processes are monitored and adhered to at all times.
We operate with separate safety inspectors from the local council, as well as national stadium safety inspectors, to ensure the correct procedures are administered.
We were totally compliant with all pertinent regulations at the time of this tragic accident and the coroners investigation led to a finish of accidental death.
But we always attempt to understand and improve on our processes and we welcomed the observations at the coroners report on opportunities for further hazard reduction, which weve implemented.
A spokesperson for Trafford Council said:After the inquest into this tragic episode, the authorities worked with Manchester United to apply the recommendations of the coroner to ensure the protection of all fans and visitors to the arena.

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