Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti shocked by state of dressing rooms at stadium

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Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti says he’s”stunned” by the state of their dressing rooms after renovation work in the Stadio San Paolo.
The Serie A side played their first two games of this season away from home while the work has been completed.
Napoli sponsor Sampdoria on Saturday, before the visit Liverpool on Tuesday at the Champions League.
“You can construct a house in two months, but they weren’t effective at renovating that dressing rooms,” said Ancelotti.
On Thursday, Napoli posted a movie on Twitter using scaffolding still in place sinks overlooking and sockets bare showing the dressing rooms.
In a statement on the club website, Ancelotti included:”I’ve observed the state of the dressing rooms in the San Paolo. There aren’t any words. I approved the club’s request to perform the first two games to allow the job as has been guaranteed.
“Where are we supposed to have changed for the games from Sampdoria and Liverpool? I am shocked at the incompetence of these people in control of the work.
“How can the area, municipality and commissioners don’t respect the obligations that were made? It smacks of disregard and a lack of a bond using the team of the city. I’m dismayed.”
In quotes reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, architect Filomena Smiraglia stated:”I’m baffled by the statement by Ancelotti.
“We had a trip into the dressing area by the Napoli vice-president Edoardo de Laurentiis, who complimented us in the front of the workers for the work”.
But this fact has been contested by Napoli, who stated:”Napoli denies that De Laurentiis praised architect Filomena Smiraglia on the redevelopment work on the San Paolo dressing rooms.”
Carlo Perego out of Tipiesse, who carried out the works, stated:”We aren’t late, so we’re forward on times.”
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