Paul Gascoigne: Jury continue deliberations on Thursday in sexual assault trial

The jury at the trial of football??star Paul Gascoigne, who is accused of sexually assaulting a woman could keep their deliberations.
The 52-year-old ex-England midfielder begs the offence, stating it was not sexual, and he uttered the stranger to enhance her confidence once he heard someone call her weight.
Were told they’re able to look at a lesser, alternative count of assault.
Teesside Crown Court has discovered that the complainant was about a York to Newcastle train in August 2018 when Gascoigne, that was loud and swearing, drunkenly sat down next to her, tapped her on the arm, grabbed her by the cheeks and planted a sloppy kiss on her lips.
In her final speech to the jury Michelle Heeley QC, defending, told jurors the footballer and a girl who wasn’t expecting it and didn’t like it kissed, but that didn’t make him a sex offender.
Talking about the alternate charge, she explained:”You might believe, 14 weeks after this incident, this is a really sexual attack nothing.”
Due to his illustrious global career, she said a kiss could mean several things, including a party”when you score one of the greatest goals England has ever observed, against Scotland in Euro’96”.
She stated the kiss lasted two or three seconds, on a packed train, and wasn’t preceded with any”lecherous remark”, touching or groping.
Miss Heeley explained:”You cannot be convinced Mr Gascoigne needed a sexual aim.
“He’s been constant throughout, he didn’t kiss (the complainant) for any other motive in his mind than to reassure her that she was not fat or ugly.”
She stated it might have been”misplaced”, but it was not sexual.
In his closing speech, prosecutor William Mousley QC said Gascoigne had lied about that someone had mistreated the woman, and what happened.
He explained:”There is an obvious reason as to why he lied and that is because he knows he’s guilty of sexual assault but wishes to put up a smokescreen, cause a diversion, suggest it wasn’t as it so obviously was.”
Mr Mousley said of the kiss:”Either it was an unpleasant attack, also it had been an act of kindness. Guilty when the former, maybe not guilty if it had been the latter”
After she was kissed, the woman, who cannot be called, was shocked and also a fellow passenger contested Gascoigne, saying:”What you’ve just completed is sexual abuse”
Police later traced Gascoigne to a hotel in Jesmond, Newcastle, also as soon as an officer spoke to him on the phone, prior to detain, the footballer said:”I know what it is around, I kissed a fat lass.”
After he gave evidence, Gascoigne said he was trying to reassure his alleged victim later he claimed to have overheard someone say of her”You do not need a photo with her, she is fat and ugly.”
He talked of his battle with his burden, bullying suffered by relatives and struggles with bulimia.
Gascoigne stated he arrived and sat next to the woman, telling her”take no notice of what they state” and”listen, so you’re not fat and nasty”.
He refused drunk at the moment, telling the jury he had undergone a surgery in Australia to have pellets implanted into his gut which could leave him”spew up” if he drank spirits.
The defence revealed the jury photos of Gascoigne kissing and being kissed by individuals, such as Diana, Princess of Wales, as well former footballers Ally McCoist, Ian Wright, Steve Bull and Wayne Rooney.
The court heard personality references from his representative Mel Stein and Jane Couch, his alcohol therapist and fighters Ricky Hatton, that talked of Gascoigne frequently kissing individuals.
The trial persists.

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