Ruiz Jr vs Joshua II: Anthony Joshua insists being a challenger again is ‘a great mindset’

Anthony Joshua has said”sometimes the people who are chilled and calm may bark” concerning the laidback Andy Ruiz Jr, that rates as”the greatest heavyweight out there”.
Ruiz and joshua Jr went face to face in London as their three-day press tour reasoned, meaning preparation can ramp up ahead of their December 7 rematch from Saudi Arabia, live.
Asked about being a challenger into the entire world heavyweight championships, Joshua said:”it is a wonderful mindset to own and you can’t lose this. The minute you lose it, then you’ve got to retire. You’ve got to be famished.
“I had a blip. We go. I’m not shy. No anxiety.”
Joshua said concerning his upcoming competitor who shot his own IBF, WBA and WBO belts before this year:”Ruiz Jr remains composed but he could fight. He is not a personality who puts on a character.
“Sometimes the people that are chilled and calm can bark back, and will definitely fight.”
He put his stoppage defeat down to the minute when he tried to complete Ruiz Jr off having knocked him down, only to undergo.
“There is no need to rush,” Joshua said about how he will approach the rematch. “Until the beef is 100 per cent cooked, do not take it out of the oven. I moved to take it out of the oven and I got burned. I must wait till it is ready then go in for the kill. In the struggle, he wasn’t ready and that was an error on my part.
“I shall find back the titles and be respected as the very best heavyweight in the division.”
Joshua previously pointed to his own willingness to fight the contenders in a thinly-veiled dig.
“Wladimir Klitschko? Champion. Joseph Parker? Champion. Alexander Povetkin? Champion,” he explained. “Now I’m fighting another champion in Andy Ruiz.
“My challenges and my struggles are never cherry-picking. They’re the elite among the elite.
“Today, in my estimation, Andy Ruiz is the greatest heavyweight on the market.
“Everyone knows it was significant to overlook fighters because we wanted the struggle with the WBC winner [Deontay Wilder]. But I don’t have to miss Ruiz Jr..
“I’ll walk to the ring, probably jog into the ring this moment, crack my throat and clench my fists, and if that bell moves we’re going to get down and dirty and also handle company.”
Ruiz Jr explained:”I have that hunger. I got these belts. You think I want to shed them? Hell no.
“I seem hefty, I look big, but I always had the mindset that I’d be the first Mexican heavyweight champion.”
Ruiz Jr was likened to Mexican legends from his coach Manny Robles:”I compared Andy into Julio Cesar Chavez, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales stylistically. You do not fight with heavyweight fighters who could fight with this manner, such as Andy does.
“Andy was the perfect way to give Joshua a excellent fight.
“Joshua had never faced anyone like Andy. Many of you probably agree with me.
“Most boxers become better when they taste overcome. You win or you understand. I am convinced Joshua will learn.
“What does he have to lose? He does not need to be concerned about that undefeated record. Prior to facing Joshua, andy had tasted overcome and he knew exactly what that felt like. He became a fighter that was much better and discovered. He’d nothing to lose and everything to win”

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