RJ’s Transportation’s safety program is among the top in the industry.

At RJ’s Transportation, safety is truly one of our essential values. Safety is not just a word; it is a lifestyle in all aspects of our operations.  As an organization, we make it a duty to protect and ensure the safety of our driving force, our customers at each level, as well as every employee and  the general public that we interact with daily.

We are driven to grow our standing as the safest company in the industry. Safety is a responsibility we take seriously and a passion we will never concede.

By working diligently to help select and approve the most qualified drivers available. Providing them with comprehensive ongoing training as well as the best tools and personal protective equipment, we ensure their duties will be performed safely, efficiently, and effectively.

RJ’s has committed to strictly adhere to the Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) standards.  We select only the most professional drivers who achieve and maintain scores below the thresholds deemed acceptable by the CSA protocols. We place a high regard on the driver’s ability to maintain compliance with this program, as well as a maintenance and inspection program to meet the vehicle and equipment standards. To ensure this, we run CSA scores for all potential RJ’s driver candidates and those whose scores are not up to our standards will not be hired. Additionally, we terminate relationships with any of our associates that do not maintain CSA compliance.

Through this unyielding focus on safety RJ’s Transport does its part to ensure that each of our employees and owner operators, as well as all the individuals we serve, and our communities are protected each and every day.  After all, safety is not just a word at RJ’s, we live it and breath it.

Neil Voorhees
Vice President Safety/Security/Compliance