Sansa Taking The Iron Throne On Game of Thrones Is Looking More & More Likely

The show is called Game of Thrones, and we might forget that all these characters are in fact playing a game as there are several thousand different things occurring in Westeros. However, when you play the game of thrones you either win or you die, and in the end, there may only be a single individual who sits the Iron Throne.
If you think back over the previous eight seasons, and what that’s happened, who’s really played with this so-called”match” the very best? There are a small number of different arguments to be made for each and every personality, but as we inch closer to the end of the series, it is clear the Sansa Stark’s Iron Throne chances are powerful. She has been enjoying this game better than anybody else. She could really be the Stark to rule.
Why Sansa Could Choose the Iron Throne
Obviously, Jon Snow is the very”leader-like” applicant to sit on the throne, together with Dany right behind him with regard to that deserves it based on birthright. But Sansa has, again and again, proved that she has the capability to lead, the skills to perform it, and also the forethought to think about her people and the repercussions for them. She’s also incredibly smart, and Westeros would be in very good hands should she really profit all of the ruling power.

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