When it comes to our services, we are driven by a singular mindset:
handle our customers’ products as if they were our own.

We also understand the big picture, that when you succeed, we succeed. However, that big picture starts with the little things like answering our phones 24/7 365 and following through on our word. Below you’ll find a full range of services we provide to our customers.

Last Minute Trucks Available

When most companies are booked out in advance, we specialize in always having trucks available, even at the last minute.

On-time Delivery

With our “On-time Delivery” program, we guarantee your customer will always have product in stock without having to incur the cost of overstocking inventory. We put together a program that maintains a consistent flow of inventory based on customer requirements then modify as needed. 

Inventory Level Monitoring

For chemical and manufacturing plants, RJ’s Transport can perform storage tank monitoring coupled with inventory availability from shipment locations to ensure effective management of inventory levels.

Rail to Truck Transfer

Looking for a way to increase efficiencies between order time and delivery? Our rail-to-truck transfer capabilities means your inventory is within closer proximity to your customers. 

On-site Coordination

Our experienced, professional team members can undertake many of your traditional transportation and distribution tasks. We can assist with everything from daily scheduling and management duties to data entry and equipment maintenance.