Sir Mo Farah accuses media over Alberto Salazar questions

Sir Mo Farah claimed after being grilled on his previous links to disgraced coach Alberto 22, there was a schedule contrary to him.
Salazar was prohibited from sports for four years last month.
Farah worked alongside Salazar in 2011-17 at the Nike Oregon Project.
Theres been no suggestion of wrongdoing by Farah however hes struck out in the innuendo that has accompanied his association with the coach.
Speaking at a press conference ahead of Sundays Chicago Marathon, Farah said:As I have said all along, I am probably one of the most tested athletes in the entire world. Im happy to be analyzed anytime, anywhere.
Clearly, reading the narrative all the time – there is a clear agenda to this. Ive seen this several times. Where you are going with this, I know Ive seen it with Raheem Sterling, Ive seen it with Lewis Hamilton. I cant win anything I do.
I am disappointed about you guys making the headlines. Its not about Mo Farah. This is about Alberto Salazar. What is it got to do with Mo Farah? Its not Mo Farah. I am not Alberto and Alberto can simply answer that.
On Friday Nike announced it that would be shut down.
The sportswear firm said there had beenno orchestrated doping but felt thatuninformed innuendo and unsubstantiated assertions hadturned into an unfair burden on athletes.
Four-time Olympic winner Farah, 36, said:I am back in London, I have been out of this Oregon Project for two decades. Ive established myself in London to concentrate myself and to be together with family and friends.
Obviously it is not my decision to shut down the Oregon Project. Thats Nike, it is not me. Im Mo Farah.
Farah, who is hoping to replicate his 2018 success defended his album.
He said:If you look back at my history and that which I did, and now you attempt to remove what I have earned through my difficult work.
If you look back, where was I 2007 (in the World Championships) in Osaka? I was a second behind a medal. I led before the bell, and then got ignored. What does this tell you? Ive learnt to win races and restrain
He added that the allegations from Salazar came as a surprise.
He explained:At that time, there was no allegation against mepersonally. There was an allegation against Alberto Salazar.
Ive been clear for you, I have been honest from day one. I was in Birmingham racing and pulled out of the race at 2015. I wanted some answers. I flew to get any answers from Alberto.
I talked to him face to face and he promised me at the time that these were just allegations. This is not true, theres absolutely no allegation against you Mo. He assured me and that was not accurate.

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