The Most Popular NHL Bet Types: Money Line Bets

Money Line Bets

A money line wager is the most popular kind of NHL wager. This bet type is one where you choose who will win the game. If the team you chose wins the game, you win your bet! The key thing to understand about money line bets is they don’t always pay out the exact same amount for each team. In reality, they often don’t cover the exact same amount.

The bigger of a favorite an NHL team is to win a match the less cash the sportsbook will cover you for a correct pick. The bigger of an underdog that an NHL team would be to win a game the more money the sportsbook is going to pay you.

All these statements are basic rules of thumb, although the lines will proceed based on the way the gambling public chooses to wager.

These statements are general rules of thumb, although the lines will move based on the way the betting public chooses to bet.

The important take away is that you realize you will get paid out according to the probability of the team winning. Do not automatically assume you’ll be getting even money on every wager. These cash bets at the NHL function the same as they do in any of the other significant sports. We are going to discuss this more in-depth in the plan section below when we talk about finding value.

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