The Nuts and Bolts of a Point Spread Bet

Before we can discuss how to crush point spread bets, we need to be certain that everyone reading this completely understands what a point spread bet is and how they work. A point spread wager is a wager in which you wager which team will outperform their anticipated performance. The sportsbook will set a line based on how well they believe each team will do throughout the game, and then you select which team will perform better compared to that set line.

It is okay. Point spread bets are now quite simple to understand when you view them in training. Let us look at an example that should clear everything up. Let’s say that the Jacksonville Jaguars and playing against the Miami Dolphins. Now, the first thing the sportsbook is going to do is pick who they believe will win the game and how many points they think they will win by. Let’s say they decide they think the Dolphins will win the game by 5 or 6 points.
Since they can not compose”5 or 6,” they determine that they think the Dolphins will win by 5.5 points. If they believe the Dolphins are going to win from 5.5 points, then this obviously means that they think the Jaguars will lose by 5.5 points. A team can’t win the game by a different number of points than what the other team loses the match by. This should be common sense, but sometimes fundamental things can be confusing when you are taking in a great deal of new information, therefore we wanted to clarify.

The line for this particular game would look something like this.

Miami Dolphins -5.5
Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5
You’ll notice that among those teams has a plus sign in front of the point spread lineup, and another has a minus sign. The plus sign indicates that the team that’s the underdog (Jaguars), and the minus sign indicates the team that’s the favorite (Dolphins). The number then, as we’ve already pointed out, is how many points the sportsbook thinks each group is a popular or underdog.

If the game were to go just as the sportsbook forecasts, the Dolphins would win by 5.5 points. Now, there aren’t half points in NFL football, so it’s going to be 5 or 6 points. We are going to talk about the reason why they use half things in point spreads in a moment.

As we stated, to win a point spread bet, you have to bet on the team that outperforms their predicted results. Does that mean that the team has to win? Nope! All the staff has to do is do better compared to the line, and you win your bet. This usually means that a team can lose the match, but you can still win your point spread wager on them. On the opposing side, a team can win their match, but you can still wind up losing your point spread wager.

The Dolphins are expected to acquire from 5.5 points. So, because they can’t win by half points, if they win the game by 6 or more points, you would win your wager. What happens if they win the game by 5 or fewer points? You’d lose your wager because they’re underperforming how they were supposed to do. Should they lose the game, you clearly will even lose your bet because they’re way underperforming.

What about using the Jaguars? Well, they’re predicted to drop the game by 5.5 points. If the match is lost by them but by only 5 12, what happens? You’d win your bet since they are outperforming what the point spread said they’d do. Should they lose the match by 5 or fewer points, you’ll win your bet. Should they win the game, you will win your wager since they’re way outperforming what was called of these by the point spread line.

You could already be seeing the point why, but let us talk about why half points are frequently used in stage spreads from the sportsbook. The sportsbook is going to do this to ensure that there is a winning side to the wager. If they left the point spread 6 points or 5 points rather than 5 and a half, there’s the prospect of a tie. If the line is 6 points, and the Dolphins win by 2 field objectives, then the wager is a tie, and the money is returned to everybody.

This is not that bad for every bettor, but the casino will create $0 off the wager, and they don’t like that. You will understand whole number lines when they’re required, but the sportsbook heavily prefers to utilize half-point lines for obvious reasons.

That is all there is to a point spread wager! You bet on which team will outperform their predicted outcome, and that is it. In another segment, we’re going to talk about how point spread bets are paid out and also the way to calculate your potential winnings.

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