The Sick World of “Who Will Die First” Bets

I had not planned on writing this report. No, I didn’t even know that you could bet on the mortality of both celebrities and public figures not using a sportsbook! It turns out you absolutely can, and as a result of the twisted souls behind setting the odds for, it is more enjoyable and less depressing than you might think.
For many years I had heard people talking their passing pools on radio shows and about the office. Usually, they had been composed as a means to publicly predict that a star would be dying soon (within the calendar year, in the majority of instances ), with small follow-through beyond the announcement.
I heard with a organized everything and website — of a more death pool being organized and run by comedian Doug Stanhope! But those options pale in comparison to what is happening at — and I am assuming other gambling sites too — in the moment.
Yes, “Death Matchups” Actually Exist!
First of all, the oddsmakers at are hilariously sick, which I will make abundantly apparent in later sections. Not only are they placing odds on if an wide range of actors and public figures will perish, but they also pair them into”passing matchups,” at which the follow-through picks that of two or more options will croak first.
It’s how the bookies decide to create these pairs which really shines a light on their brilliance. For instance, setting up a head-to-head between Artie Lange and Demi Lovato is insensitive. These two have nothing in common outside of heroin addictions and recent hospitalizations.
To reword the wager, it is essentially”which of both of these troubled actors will die of an overdose first?” Dark, huh?
Of course, they never come out and say,”That is our heroin showdown,” that will probably be frowned upon. They leave the remainder for you to figure out and just set the lines. And while, the whole thing is pretty mean, particularly in today world; why should not we put our money where our collective mouth is?
It is not like we are alln’t hypothesizing this sort of thing with colleagues and our friends all the time. This raises the stakes a bit. Makes your “I told you so” a smidgen more rewarding.

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