Tyson Fury Vs. Tom Schwarz Odds, Prediction, Preview; Deontay Wilder Rematch: Boxing Biz

Before you completely disregard Tom Schwarz’s opportunities in his eponymous showdown with Tyson Fury on Saturday on ESPN+, listen to what Schwarz had to say at a media conference this past week.

“Training for this battle was very good,” he said this week. “We had countless sparring partners to get ready for this major struggle. My timing is now.”

OK, now feel free to resume your disbelief of Schwarz. You definitely would not be alone in that.

Although the chances have come in Schwarz’s favor, he’s still a +1100 underdog, which means that you’d make $1,100 using a $100 bet (he was, at one stage, +1400). Fury, meanwhile, is -3000 (down from a high of -5000). So, although Schwarz is undefeated with a decent knockout percent, the struggle for Fury’s lineal heavyweight championship, likely won’t be aggressive. Fury, after all, is world class, and Schwarz has not fought anybody near that caliber.

Still, there are plenty of reasons to see Fury vs. Schwarz. Here are just three of them.

1) Fury’s courage can not be unquestioned: Fury’s career continues to be topsy-turvy since winning the heavyweight championship in Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. He missed 31 months while fighting his personal demons, and somehow, he returned into the ring as great, if not better and more focused. That reveals courage. And then, after outboxing Deontay Wilder for most of their fight past December, he found the determination to rise from a complete monster mix from Wilder that nearly knocked him out. Actually Fury is fighting again as great as ever, after what he’s put himself through, is wonderful.

“Eighteen months ago, I had been at a very, very dark location,” Fury (27-0-1, 19 KOs) said. “I only wanted to prove to people that there is a way back. You can come back from anything. Nothing is impossible, and if you’d seen me that a time ago when I was quite heavy and quite unwell… I’m living proof that anybody can change.

“I was down and out. I have my loved ones right here, as well as those guys thought I was gone. There was no return for’The Gypsy King.’ No more. He was finished. I dusted myself off, got back to the road, got back emotionally well, and me, [trainer] Ben [Davison] and the whole team, we worked very difficult for a very long time to reach this position.”

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