US Open: Bianca Andreescu wants to carve out own legacy after beating Serena Williams

Bianca Andreescu says after beating Serena Williams in the US Open final on Saturday, she would like to carve her own legacy in tennis.
The Canadian adolescent mad Williams in her Grand Slam look to win first big with an impressive 6-3 victory.
The 19-year-old refused Williams a record-equalling 24th big title, meaning she has now lost four consecutive Grand Slam finals.
When Williams won the 1999 US Open, andreescu, that was not even born, said that while the American was an inspiration for her career, she would like to create her own legacy in tennis.
“I am convinced I am not the only person that is looked up to her. She’s an inspiration for many people, not athletes. What she’s done off the court, too. She is quite a champion. Most importantly, she’s really kind-hearted.
“She came to me at the locker room, she explained some really nice things, which I will cherish for a really, really long time,” Andreescu stated concerning the 38-year-old.
“I’ve really strived to be like her,” Andreescu responded when asked about the joy of their own playing style.
“Who knows? Maybe I could be better.
“We like to keep the things short with our aggressive game style. We love to use our serve to our advantage. I think we struggle really, really hard.”
“But at the identical time, I want to make a name for myself.”
Williams admitted her frustration after losing finals but insisted she isn’t completely fixated on the evasive record of 24 titles that were major of Margaret Court.
“I am not necessarily pursuing a listing. I am just hoping to win Grand Slams. It’s definitely frustrating, you know,” Williams said.
“I frankly didn’t play my very best today. I could have played better. That’s the only solace that I can take at this time.
“I feel like, in 20 decades, I certainly will feel like,’Wow, that wasn’t so bad’.
“It’s quite hard right now in the instant to, for example, just take this and say,’It didn’t work out for you today’. It is really tough right now to consider that instant in and of course,’You did OK,’ since I don’t believe I really did”.
“It all honestly, truly is super annoying. I am, like, so close, so close.
“I do not know exactly what to say. I guess I have to continue if I want to be an expert tennis player. And I’ve only got to just keep fighting through it.”
“I think I could have played . I think I could have done. I think I might have just been Serena today.
“I honestly don’t think Serena showed up. I have to kind of figure out how to get her to appear in Grand Slam finals.”

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