WWE Survivor Series 2018 Betting Odds

ag Teams 10 vs. 10 Survivor Series Elimination Match — Kickoff
Only looking at that graphic makes me believe”that looks a small mess,” and… that is quite a true statement is in factn’t it.
Somewhat unsurprisingly, the odds are heavily within this one in favor of SmackDown.
Raw Label Teams — 10/3
SmackDown Tag Teams — 1/5
Women’s 5 vs. 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match
Notable absences from the Raw team include Sasha Banks, Bayley and Ember Moon… but at least Tamina’s there!
Nonetheless, despite still having one team member not revealed after Charlotte was subbed in for Lynch to take on Ronda Rousey, team blue are the favorites more.
Raw Women’s Team — 6/5
SmackDown Women’s Team — 8/13
Champion vs. Champion — AOP vs. The Bar It is the conflict of the Tag Team Champions, as AOP, together with Drake Maverick with their side, take on Sheamus and Cesaro of this Bar, who are backed up by Big Show for reasons that still haven’t been explained.
Despite a fairly enormous bloke in their corner, the chances are contrary to the Bar and also this point looks set to go to Raw.
AOP — 2/5
The Tavern — 7/4

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